Friday, January 29, 2010

Weak in the Flesh

How difficult it is to hold to ones resolve. We make promises to ourselves, and yes even to God, and often times we break them without a thought. Just like our news years resolutions that many times do not make it through the first month. There is a necessity in life, that of keeping our bodies healthy, but each dietician gives us a different idea of what to eat or when to eat it. Even the concept of organic is different. One recommends being vegan, another recommends clean living. Our own personal convictions require us to live another way as well. I personally attempt to be a vegan, but I fail miserably.

It is so difficult for me to give up meat and meat by products. I don't understand why. My will power is weak, and this is just one of the thorns in my flesh. I know that Biblically it isn't a sin to eat meat, but I warn each of you that it is indeed a sin to mistreat animals for our own personal pleasure. Raising animals for food in and of itself is not a sin. There are those who beat, abuse, and confine animals to horrid areas and painful conditions for their entire lives. These animals did nothing to deserve this, and the only reason they go through this is for our own pleasure. We were created in God's image, and given dominion over the earth. Charged with subduing it, and being it's stewards. It is time we acted as such.

It is our job to protect this planet. That includes it's inhabitants. The plants, the animals, and yes other human beings. It is time we stopped abusing one another, in the name of greed. It is time we shared everything, and gave to one another. The utopian society of tomorrow, can be here today. We just need to share in love, and give out of our hearts. Join with me today, and give out of your hearts. Find a way to help one person today. Then one person tomorrow. Together, we will help until no one is wanting. Let us fix this world, and rebuild the kingdom that we were put in charge of 6000 years ago.

The Friar