Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Tongue: It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.

The word hate is sharper than any razor blade. It cuts to the heart and leaves a lasting wound. No matter how undeserving it may be, the person who receives this word from you is left wondering. They are left wondering do I deserve that hate? Am I even a good person? Maybe it really is my fault that you hate me. More especially when it comes from the lips of one we love.

How much does this simple syllable crush the very being that is us. Bringing us to our knees in contrition. Begging God to show us what we did. Pleading with God to make us into someone who can be loved. Someone who doesn't deserve hate, but love. I am not a perfect man. I know that. I am far from it. The more time I spend in prayer and worshiping my God, the more I realize how imperfect I truly am.

But it's when someone hates me, that we are challenged to be the man we should have been in the first place. Even when that hate is irrational. It's when we learn that someone hates us, and instead return love, that we show the truth of the Gospel of Christ. When the words escape from the lips, maybe even unrealized before they are spoken, and the dagger pierces your very soul. That's when our lips should respond, “No matter how you feel about me, I love you.”

Words have power. When we speak we have authority for we are children of God. That is why we must speak with caution, and with much thought. For the word once spoken, can never be taken back. The apology though given, can never erase the word that echoes in the chambers of the heart. Even after forgivness and love pouring forth, it's difficult to forget how much pain that simple word can bring. But I pray Father that you will erase it from our seared minds. Till the word hate is simply a shadow, something that never was, and is replaced with only love. Love that over shines and always uplifts. Love that never allows us to even hear the word hate, but instead to realize the pain and suffering that person is going through, and that instead of feeling pain when this word is said, we reach out and help them carry there cross in as much as they let us.