Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seven Steps

We hear this word a lot. Repent. Many people treat it as a one time event. You repent and life goes on. But I challenge you to see it as a verb, as a way of life. Repentance is the way a Christian lives. He tries to live his life in a way that pleases God, and when it doesn't, he asks for forgiveness and goes on trying again.

re·pent - verb /riňąpent/
1. Feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one's wrongdoing or sin
2. View or think of (an action or omission) with deep regret or remorse
3. Feel regret or penitence about

So here are my 7 simple steps to living in repentance.

Step 1 -

Every evening review your day. Ask yourself and ask God, did I sin today?

Step 2 -

Ask God to show you any sins against Him. Listen quietly for God's answer and allow Him to speak to you.

Step 3 -

Think about those sins and how they have harmed you, harmed your relationships, harmed others, and harmed your walk with God.

Step 4 -

Look inside yourself and see if you are willing to change for God. Look for any harbored emotions that make you want to keep going on in Sin.

Step 5 -

Trust in God. Cling to Him! Call out to Him! Ask him to help you with those sins and with any of those emotions holding you back. Ask Him to cleanse you and turn you into the person that only He can turn you into.

Step 6 -

Obey. Listen to what God tells you to do, and place yourself in His hands. (The more you do this, the easier it will become to hear God's voice in your life.)

Step 7 -

Do! Tomorrow take steps towards avoiding that sin. Find ways to not be in the situation you were in and not be tempted. Remember that Jesus is walking with you and will help you take those steps!

Father I pray that all who read this will begin to examine their conscience daily, to desire to be closer to You. That their hearts will be so overwhelmed with Love for a relationship with You, our God, that they will be crying out to you daily. I pray each person will be touched by You in such a way that they have no doubts of Your presence, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Lord we thank You for making our cup run over, filling us to the brim with joy, peace and love.

In Christ,