Saturday, May 22, 2010

I just wanted the share this post from my Aunt. I am including it unedited because I feel her words speak volumes. While you are reading it, think about the many times you've seen God cradle someone in his arms. How many times has He reached down from on high and put his hands around someone and kept them safe? It is my hope that people will share there stories as well, of times they know someone has been saved by God's providence!

In Christ,

Here is the post that inspired me, unedited:

LORD CHILDREN we saw the most awful wreck going towards Abingdon last evening and I Knew in my heart no one had survived that wreck. My heart ached for some Mother, Wife, Child there was no doubt in my mind, No one could have survived that but guess what?

This morning before we headed back we heard the man lived and had only a scratch on his elbow, there was not any space left in the cabin of that Tractor except just enough for him. A person told us , I don't know what God has for that man, but he really has something BIG for him to do for God and it was just NOT his time to go. Never saw anything to beat it. Thank you Sweet Jesus and Praise your name for saving that working man. I thought about the Song Chuck Johnson wrote and sings about the 29 coal miners that recently died in West Va.

I could just hear some one's child saying , Mommy when is daddy coming home? You see wrecks with little damage that kill people and that one that looked by all certainly hopeless that a person could survive and he made it out with a scratch on his elbow.

I can't Imagine the size of God's hands to literally make a bubble around that man and save his life. OH YEA OF LITTLE FAITH!!!! Are my thoughts today.

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