Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Day of Advent

I am going to attempt to write a blog each day during the season of Advent. All to often we forget how we are supposed to live each day of the year, and Advent is a time to remind us to get out of the rut and watch for God! So first I just wanted to share this post with you about what Advent is about. I don't remember ever celebrating Advent while growing up, so a lot of this is new information that has been shared with me from my wonderful church family, and friends.

 Today is the first day of Advent! Such a wonderful time of year leading up to the Christmas season. For the first day of Advent I just wanted to give a general idea of what the season is about. Some of us celebrate, some of us don't. But for those who do, Advent is a time of renewal, a time of reminders. First off it is a reminder that we are approaching the season in which we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are reminded of the nativity story and the humble beginnings of Him. Every story adds a bit more detail, form the shepherds in the field, to the wise men; we can learn a lot about the anticipation of the birth of the Messiah. Which brings us to our second reminder.

 Secondly, it is a reminder that we are awaiting the Parousai (second coming of Christ). Just like the prophets who spoke over the unborn child, John jumping in the womb, and the entire nation of Israel, we should be anticipating the coming of Christ. Just as they waited with anticipation and all of creation held it's breath for the birthing hour of our God, so too should we be tingling with anticipation that He is coming. We should be doing this year round! But this season reminds us to do it. All to often we get complacent with life, letting the difficulties and mundane experiences get us into a 'rut'. This season reminds us to get out of that rut and be watchful!

 Thirdly it's a reminder that we can encounter Jesus in every person we meet. Whatever we have done for the least of these, we are doing for Him. We should be 'watching' for Him every single hour, of every single day, in every single person. We should be treating everyone with love and respect, and Advent reminds us of that.

 Happy Advent Season!

 In Christ, Brian