Friday, May 11, 2012

Little Soles (Little Souls)

People often defend a woman's right to choose. Then they use many various heinous things that could happen to them to make that choice seem like a valid one. I'm not here to tell you what to do with your body, I'm here to remind us what is being done with the other bodies that aren't mentioned. This is not a blog about choice. It's a blog about life. 

Every day in the United States, 4000 babies are aborted via surgical means. That's a difficult thing to think about isn't it? 4000 is such a large number. It's hard to put a handle on how many that is. That is why we have the Little Souls display in our church at the moment. To give one an idea of how many little feet (soles) have been removed from the world before they could take their first breath.

We often talk about how precious it is to be alive. We as humans live our lives every day trying to get one more breath, one more day on this life. We eat right, we exercise, we go to doctors and spend fortunes on medicine to extend that brief time that we have here on this world. Then we deprive those unborn children of even one of those breaths. All in the name of protecting a choice. Yet, we don't give those in the womb a choice at all. A quote attributed to Ronald Reagan puts it in stark contrast, "I have noticed that all those who are pro-abortion, have already been born."

Take a long hard look at this display. Look at the shoes that are spilling over the top, pouring over the top in a silent avalanche of agony. They make no sound, for they too are voiceless. That is why it is up to each one of us to be a voice for them. To speak up and bring attention to this atrocity. Don't tell me about choice. Don't argue that the 1% of reported abortions that are for those repulsive things that people claim all are for, support the 99% of other reasons (including simple birth control.) Nothing justifies the mass murder of children, let alone their location. Being inside a room doesn't make you any less a human, why does being behind a wall of flesh change that reality?

If you are considering this, please, please... talk to me. There are options. We can find someone to help raise the child, we can find someone to adopt them. We can find someone to help care for you and help pay medical bills. We can find people to make sure you have a place to stay and food to eat. We can care for this child.

If you have been through this? I am not accusing you or trying to harm you. I instead call out to you with pleading and love, asking you too to become a voice for the voiceless. To step up, accept the forgiveness and grace that God offers; but then to go forward and help others not make the same mistake. To be a voice for that child who no longer has one, and to help the ones who are still in the womb be born to have their own.