Thursday, June 21, 2012

Living for Eternity.. not Retirement

Let's look at that very closely and think about how we live our lives. If we just look at how long men believe the universe has been here, as we know it, then we ourselves live much less than a second in comparison. We spend the greatest portion of that second living as if the last /100th of a second is the most valuable thing ever. We spend our lives storing up possessions, working towards retirement, making sure we are happy...

But if we truly believe that life lasts forever.. think about that.. if the universe only lasted 46 years so far.. and that's not even a glimpse of eternity... then why are we living 1/2 a second in search of a better 1/2 of a second... instead of living that 1/2 a second in a way that reflects the rest of our lives.. the 46 years.. the 80 years.. the 1000 years...

We should be living life here, the same way we believe it will be for eternity. The Revelation of John gives us a superb glimpse into that life. The altar, the angels, the lamb standing as slain, the worship, the songs... the love! That is how our life and worship should be here now! Let's live our second, for it's all we get here on this earth.. to prepare us for our eternity... If we live our second without God.. then we'll spend out eternity without him... but if we live our second FOR and with him... then we can rest in security that we will spend it with him as well.

There is nothing wrong with being a good steward. It is indeed important to make sure we use our money wisely, save up for retirement, and make sure our kids are taken care of.  When we do that to an extreme, where pleasure drives our goals, where we store up more than we can ever possibly use while others starve, live without homes, and without clothing... then we have made our choice. Being a good steward is indeed taking care of your family.  Being a good Christian is recognizing that your family is more than just human blood.. but the blood from the cross.

His servant and yours;