Thursday, March 17, 2016

That's Your Daughter

child of God
The daily readings of the last days of Lent have had a definite theme to them.  From the woman caught in adultery, to Abraham becoming the father of many, to Jeremiah tomorrow lamenting his misfortune; we see a reminder that we are called to action.  Jesus constantly reminds us that as the Son of God he does what he has learned from God.   Just like our own children do what they see us do, Jesus can only do what the Father has shown him and told him to do.  That's a strong call to us who claim to be Christian isn't it?

Jeremiah talks about how those against him are whispering about him behind his back.  Those people who were once his friends are now plotting his downfall.  Jeremiah is often seen as a foretype of Christ.  His friends deserted him because he was delivering the message of God.  They got upset because he was challenging their lives and bringing to light their sins.  In the end they killed him, just as eventually the people killed Jesus.

In the Gospel we see something quite like that happening again.  Here Jesus has done nothing wrong, he has been healing the sick and the blind.  He has been preaching the truth and delivering the word of God.  Just like Jeremiah the people who should be on his side are plotting against him.  They've gathered up stones with which to stone him for claiming to be God.  Jesus takes it stride and asks them how they can not believe what they have seen?  He challenged them, even if you don't believe me, believe the works.. for if I do the work of the Father, then the Father is in me and I am in Him.

Sometimes when my daughter does something my wife will look at me and say, "That's your daughter."  It's not always a bad thing, but most of the time it is ;)   The truth is though that you can tell that she is my daughter because she does things like I do them.  Jesus reminds us of that in the Gospel... once again he challenges you and I.. if we are Christians.. if we are truly the sons and daughters of God.. then we should be producing the works of God.   We should be producing fruit.. people should look at us and say "That's God's daughter/son."

So who are you today?  Are you gathering up stones to cast at others for doing what you should be doing? Are you the one whispering against your friend at the water cooler?  Or talking about them behind their back?  Gossiping and tearing them down?  Or are you producing fruit that reminds people you are a child of God?  You're made in the image of God... are you living up to it?  Or are you reminding people of someone else?  Just as Jesus said, you too have been called and sent into the world... are you living in a way that points to Christ?  Or to the world?

That's what the Eucharist is all about.  The Eucharist is a moment when Heaven touches earth.. when God descends to meet us and be received body, soul and divinity into our bodies.. that we might be transformed. That we might become more like him.. that we might be restored to that image he created us to be.. that we might do things like he does.  I don't know about you.. but I want the Saints in heaven to be grinning as they look to the Father and say, "That one.. that's your child."  How my soul longs to hear Him say in return, "Yes, yes he is."  "Well done thou good and faithful servant."

His servant and yours,