Sunday, January 23, 2011

Water Filters Eventually Fill Up

Our refrigerator has a light on it that only comes on when it needs the water filter replaced. The other day this filter came on as the refrigerator realized that the filter was so full of contaminants that the water couldn't get through. It got me to thinking about our own internal filter, the filter in our body given to us by God.

In our body is a filter filled not with carbon or sand, but with the Holy Spirit. When we sin we put things inside of us that don't leave room for the Holy Spirit. Just like a filter, if we fill our minds with sin then we need that filter replaced. We need to get the sin back out of our bodies and minds, and make more room for God.

That's when I realized that repent was not a single action, but a way of life. Each time we fall and allow sin in our life, we must repent and go forward. When we repent God removes that sin from our life and we no longer have a problem letting the water through. Jesus promised us living water, and that water can't flow if the filter is clogged. He also commanded us to go forth and sin no more. We cannot continue living life as if sin is not endangering our salvation. I'm not saying you won't sin. You will. Yet as you grow in Christ and your filter becomes stronger and stronger in your life, less and less sin makes it through. We should see that fruit in each other. We should see that a person is growing in Christ, learning to not go against the Spirit. We should see a growing distance in the flesh and the person.

It's not that the filter doesn't remove the sin, it's that we sin so much we fill the filter up. Eventually if we sin too much we push God right out of our life, and the filter is broken. That person no longer cares if he sins or not, because all he sees is sin. Selfishness.. Want only for what benefits him or her. That's why it is imperitive that we live our lives in obedience to God. Not because your works increase your salvation, your salvation is already there. Because your works show your salvation. Your works show that your filter has no sin in it, only the Holy Spirit.

So start today, repent of what you do wrong and go on trying never to do it again. Stop living in sin and pretending that God is just going to forgive you anyway. We should never sin with the thought that it's OK, Christ already paid our cost. We should stop sinning, knowing that with each sin we didn't commit, Christ didn't get punished for. We should show our love for Christ in our actions towards one another. It's not enough to pray and talk, we have to show our fruit.

In Christ,