Monday, March 7, 2011

Prayer Request

I would like to post a prayer request today. I've had a heavy heart the last few days, a heavy heart for humanity. I feel that we are missing the mark so to speak. We as a species are ready to perpetuate any amount of evil in order to keep our personal pleasures. From storing up massive amounts of money, to fathers and mothers leaving their children for their own personal goals. The news is inundated with horrible things, and we as Christians are not being seen by the world as a positive influence. The Bible says we will be known by our love.

I pray for a world in which people, even those who do not believe, will say "I don't believe in a God, but those Christians are doing good things!" I pray that we will wake up form our carnal stupor and start being the men and women that God has declared us to be! That we will begin as a Church as a whole, to shower the world with the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ!

In Christ,