Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wheat or Tare

Wheat or Tare

Though darkness may attempt to consume me
The light of day always comes through
From the fruit of the forbidden tree
Came pain that no man could subdue

Independent thought came the call
Of spilt blood against the hand
Hidden, but not secret the fall
As it resounded through the land

Wandering for many dry, dusty years
Yet no food or water were missed
The rebellious calf brought tears
Swarming serpants at feet hissed

Then eyes raised to the Rock
From which living water flowed
Then a temple door where we knock
And the veil of purple stowed

For on a tree hung the Word
As mankind in disobedience grew
To live and die by the sword
For betrayal a kiss we knew

Then ripped the fabric did tear
Open to the souls deep call
Not simply for wheat or tare
But for not mine but all