Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Body of Christ

I don't care what your denomination is,
Or if you believe exactly as I do
For our denomination will not Heaven make
Nor will your works save you.

I don't care if you baptize with a drizzle
Ten, fifty, or a thousand drops
You can use a river or a stream
Full emersion or even a belly flop

Just that you have been baptized
By the water and by the fire
In his precious name born again
That your life edifies and inspires

You can worship at mass or service
Inside a church or in the forest
As long as it is the one true God
Of Abraham, Isaace and Jacob your rest

I'm not interested in converting you
To my particular brand of Christianity
Just that you follow Christ my Lord
And avoid self righteous vanity

You can worship on Saturday or Sunday
Or you can worship every single day
You can preach or sing, dance or shout
Fall out in the spirit, or tongues spout

Just put your faith in Christ,
And give your life to him!
Leaving behind this world
And dying to sin.

Turn your eyes to Heaven,
And sing praise unto our King!
Leave the Winter of death behind
And grow in God's newborn Spring!