Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I cannot find the words

Tonight at our study group we are talking about divorce and annulments. To me it's less about divorce and more about the sanctity of marriage, less about an annulment and more about the permanent mark on our souls. I tried many times to write specifically about marriage.. but instead.. I found I don't have the words. I cannot express how my wife makes me feel in mere words, but it requires actions.. I have to live them, live the love I feel and show it. Because it's more than a word can express.

I cannot find the words

I want to write about love,
But my heart can't form the words.
Sent from our God up above,
To deep to express that unheard.

I want to tell others about you,
the other part of what is me.
But no word will ever do
Even from bended knee.

I want to express that look
In your eyes as you search my face
That part would take many a book
to express that simple grace.

I want to sing to the world
A song about my heart complete
The wings of a dove unfurled
The love of my lover, replete

I want to dry away your tears
The pain of which I cannot abide
I want to share in your fears
To bring you to safety and hide

More precious than gold your smile
More lovely than silver your hair
The paths of your heart my aisle
The touch of your hand my fare

But I cannot express that completeness
Not in mere words or images today
Your heart fills mine with sweetness
Your very words of your mouth my sleigh

Let us never be seperate in heart
Even if we must be in life a while
These five years just a start
You will always be my life, my smile.